Meet the team.

Kalle Lintinen

Kalle Lintinen has been working with experimental chemistry for nearly two decades in fields ranging from protection against chemical warfare agents, building next generation organic solar cells and functional coatings for the electronics industry. Serendipitously all of the skills learned in these fields helped Kalle to come up with a completely different way of using lignin. Kalle jumped into studying lignin nanospheres just as they were first found, and has made several inventions that convert them from a scientific curiosity into a powerful tool for replacing petrochemical products and making the planet a greener place.


Nina Forsman

Nina Forsman is fascinated by nature's elegant solutions, especially when it comes to materials and surfaces. The search for innovations where no accumulating petrochemicals or toxins are needed has led Nina to the field of bioproducts. Nina is interested in lignin since it is an underutilized side-stream, and is passionate about healthy indoor air. She has seen plenty of good inventions for greener products in the lab, but is annoyed when she can’t find anywhere to buy these products. This is something she wants to change with LignoSphere.

Jari Laine

Jari is an experienced business director, coated with curiosity and equipped with an eye for serendipity and innovations. After more than two decades in building and managing industrial value chains and leading global operations, Jari is passionate to make a difference in deep tech that makes world a better place. In academia, Jari’s area of research combines innovation with collaboration in industrial networks for the greater good of participants.


Alexander Henn

Alexander started researching lignin nanospheres on the side of his Bachelor's studies in Prof. Österberg's research group. He has taken a multidisciplinary route, being cunning in both biomaterials engineering and synthetic biology. His experience and creativeness have been a significant part in developing the new applications for lignin that LignoSphere is offering. There are very few people below the age of 30 knowing more about lignin nanospheres and their applications than Alexander! 

Pekka Oinas

Prof. Pekka Oinas has more than over 25 years of experience in chemical industry and particularly in process development encompassing management, development and design of processes, chemical reaction engineering, safety design and technological support of production. He has contributed to more than 60 scientific publications and patents. Prof. Oinas is responsible of an interdisciplinary major program of Aalto University concerning advanced energy solutions. He has been responsible various commercialization projects in Aalto, including Ioncell (iCom) for sustainable textiles.

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Monika Österberg

Prof. Monika Österberg is a leading scientist in the colloidal lignin particle field. Prof. Österberg is Head of the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems at the School of Chemical Engineering, Aalto University, leading the Bioproducts Chemistry research group advancing lignin valorization with a focus on lignin nanoparticles, lignocellulosic nanomaterials, and surface functionalization and understanding surface interactions. Her research aims to enhance the sustainable use of natural resources, with research interests in fundamental interfacial phenomena of forest biomaterials like lignin, cellulose and hemicelluloses, and the development of new materials from these polymers. She has over 130 scientific publications in the field.