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It's all wood:
Strong, simple
and sustainable

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Key characteristics

LignoSpheres, which are scientifically known as spherical lignin nanoparticles, represent a new inexpensive and environmentally friendly class of biomaterial. They enable lignin to be used in large-scale applications in adhesives, coatings, and composites. The patent-pending production and functionalization processes have been developed at Aalto University.

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Sustainable by nature

LignoSpheres can be prepared from the black liquor side stream of pulping plants with existing equipment in an energy-efficient, closed cycle process.

Currently, the best environment performance of the traditional wood adhesives is shown by phenol-formaldehyde (PF) and polyurethane (PUR) resins. Their main environmental impact comes from the fossil feedstock used in the production. In the LignoSphere process, the consumption of fossil feedstock is minimal due to the recycling of solvents for an otherwise similar product in terms of required adhesive volumes and performance.

The LignoSphere process is inherently a closed cycle, with no waste side streams.

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What are Lignin Particles?

Our lignin micro- or nanoparticles are simply spherical, water-dispersible nano or microsized particles of lignin. 

They are useful in many applications, and more benefits are being found continuously. 

Lignin particles are antioxidant, UV-absorbing


n 2017, 3300 thousand tons of pulp was produced in the Finnish pulp mills. For every ton of pulp, the same amount of lignin is produced.


Currently, lignin is seen as waste and burnt. Its commercial value is low, because high-value products are missing. LignoSphere offers a sustainable and profitable use for lignin. With our breakthrough technology, lignin qualities can be fully brought to life for construction and furniture manufacturing purposes. And the best part? It’s all wood.

Partner with us

LignoSphere provides a completely new sustainable and safe alternative for the adhesives industry, created from readily available sidestreams. Join us in our mission to put lignin into effective use and make homes and offices healthier spaces to live and breathe in.

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